Elevation Certificate

Every property is different. As such, the risks that come attached with the property are also different. For example, certain areas are more prone to flooding than others. Being in a high risk area does present some challenges, and it probably means that investing in flood insurance is something that you are considering. In order to obtain this insurance, you will likely need an elevation certificate. This certificate is then used to determine the insurance rates you will pay, as helps to determine the overall risks that your property faces in regards to flooding.

Elevation Certificate

Another of the residential land services that we provide is assessing your property to provide what’s known as an elevation certificate. This is certificate that provides information about the overall elevation of your property, including the lowest point and other relevant information, in order to determine the risk of flooding. This information will then be used alongside relevant Raleigh flood map information. We are the local land surveyors that can help with this process. We can provide a true and accurate assessment of the elevation of your property, so you understand the risks and get the insurance you need to combat any problems.

A Professional Service

Given it’s importance, all work pertaining to an elevation certificate should be taken care of by a professional and licensed service. Only a professional service can accurately determine the elevation of your home, it’s lowest point and all other important and relevant information. This is crucial for ensuring that your certificate is accurate, which can be especially important when it comes to getting flood insurance. Having an elevation certificate is an important for obtain flood insurance. If it’s not accurate, you could end up paying higher rates than you otherwise would have to. So, it’s important to get it right.

Flood Insurance

One of the major reasons why having an elevation certificate is important is because it’s likely you’ll need to present it when buying flood insurance, especially if your home is at a high risk of flooding. This certificate will be used to determine the insurance rate that you pay. Along with that, without this certificate, your property could also be assessed incorrectly when it comes to the flood risk, which means you could end up paying higher insurance rates than necessary, which could end up being seriously costly.

Property Development 

An elevation certificate can also be something that you need to obtain after doing any additional development on your property. Again, this is linked to flood risks and the related insurance. Part of an elevation certificate is determining the lowest point of elevation in your home, and the flood risk this brings. Many home additions, and even some renovations, can change the lowest point of your home, and thus the potential risk of flooding. As such, it’s important to have another assessment done after any development or work, especially if you are in a high risk area and require insurance