Regardless of the type of surveying work you need done, or the reason for it, it’s imperative that you choose a licensed and professional service that can provide accurate results. Otherwise you end up having to deal with a wide range of different problems, including boundary disputes, people encroaching on your property or even building code violations. Our service provides the expertise that’s required to provide an accurate assessment, so you can get peace of mind and be sure that no avoidable matters will arise and cause you headaches. This is the reason why there’s no better local land surveyors to help you with your property surveying needs.

If you need any surveying work done, we are the Raleigh surveyor that always has the service that you need. Along with being professional property surveyors Raleigh NC, our service can also provide further services such as ATLA surveys, elevation certificates and mortgage surveys too. We are also the perfect choice to do initial surveying or related work on construction sites, such as topographical surveys and construction staking. With the accurate results we always provide, there’s no better surveyor to rely on when you need any property surveying taken care of. Our work is always done with minimal hassle, and the results are delivered as soon as possible.
We are the local land surveyors that can provide the following types of survey and assessment services:

·  ATLA/ACSM Survey
·  Property Boundary Survey
·  Construction Staking and Survey
·  Elevation Certificate
·  Mortgage Survey
·  Topographic Survey