Detailed information is important when it comes to any property, but especially if you are looking to develop it further. In this case, you need as much information as possible for many obvious reasons. If this is what you require, then our ALTA/ACSM surveying service is what you need. An ALTA survey is designed to provide the most detailed range of information possible about the property that you are dealing, so you know all the important information in order to take the next step, whatever it happens to be. As mentioned, this is imperative if you are looking to develop.


One of the many specialized survey services that we provide is what’s known as an ALTA ACSM survey. This is basically a comprehensive and all encompassing parcel map, that shows all existing property improvements, utilities and other important observations that were made in the process. This type of land survey provides you with all information you need to avoid boundary disputes or liability problems in the future. We are the Raleigh surveyor that has real experience when it comes to providing this type of survey, so we can do all work concerned with minimal fuss and in the quickest timeframe possible.

When Do You Require an ALTA Survey?

Of course, one of the most common question you might have is when is an ALTA survey necessary? There are a lot of different surveying options that you have choose from, after all. Well, this type of survey is generally necessary when you are involved in either commercial real estate transaction or vacant land purchase, as this kind of survey can provide important information if you might be looking to develop the property. So, if you find yourself in of the above situations, our team can provide the ALTA survey you need to get everything happening. It’s also necessary when you require extensive information about the property as well.

Benefits of an ALTA survey

Opting to have an ALTA survey done, rather a simple boundary survey, is beneficial for a few important reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it provides you with far more detailed information, including information regarding boundaries and easements. A lack of information can be a problem in a number of situations. So, if you need detailed information regarding the property, an ALTA survey is probably the right option. It’s the best way to get as much detail as possible, which is of course important in a wide range of different situations.


If you need any surveying work done, we understand that the cost is really something that you need to carefully consider. Our service is conscious of this, and as such always works to ensure that we offer the best rates around. Of course, the final cost of having any such work done will depend on a wide range of different factors, including property size, the terrain and geographic location. How much does a survey cost in NC? A lot less with our service.