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Property surveying, or a number of related assessment services, are something that you may require for a number of different reasons. Determining the extent of your property and having well defined boundaries important for number of reasons. We are the land surveyor Raleigh NC that provides the best range of land surveying and related services. No matter the type of property, or your need, we can provide the expertise you need to map out your property, and gather all the important information that you may require, including property boundaries, the layout of the terrain and more. That’s why we are always the property surveyor Raleigh NC to call.

About Us

We are professional surveyor who is dedicated to providing the most accurate results. For a wide range of reasons, this is probably the most important thing that you need to consider when having any surveying work done, otherwise you could run into a range of different problems. Not only that we also always strive to provide the best prices as well. So, how much does a survey cost in NC? A lot less than you realise with our affordable service. All of this is why we are the best of the local survey companies that you have to choose from.

Our Services

We are the local land surveyors that provide the very best range of NC land survey services. Our selection of residential land services Raleigh NC includes not only property boundary surveys but also the ability to provide ALTA and mortgage surveys as well. On top of that, we can also provide surveying services suitable for commercial properties and construction sites. This include expertise when it comes to construction staking, as well as topographic surveys. So, whether you need a residential land survey or surveying done on any other type of property or site, our service can handle it.


We are the Raleigh surveyor that can provide ALTA/ACSM surveys. An ALTA survey is essentially a detailed parcel map of the property, which includes information relevant to property improvements, boundaries and easements, utilities and so much more. It’s one of the most comprehensive surveying options as a result. This type of survey is the best option if you are involved in a commercial real estate or vacant lot transaction. If you are looking to develop your property further, this having this type of surveying work done is an imperative.

Property Boundary Survey

For many important purposes, it’s crucial that you understand where your property boundaries are. This is what a property boundary survey is designed to help with. This type of work needs to be performed by a professional and experienced service, in order to get meticulous results and ensure that you avoid disputes or other issues because of incorrect markings or measurements. That’s why we are the property survey Raleigh NC service to choose when you need a boundary survey of your property completed. Our service can help you determine your Raleigh property lines with minimal fuss.

“They provide the best and most accurate results. You simply couldn’t ask for anything more.” Kerry. S

Construction Staking and Survey

Construction staking and surveying is a further part of the service that we offer. This an important part of any construction project, as it’s required to correctly interpret and bring to life the plans that have been laid out. This process is designed to provide a clear, physical roadmap for contractors and any other teams working on site to follow, so that you can be sure that your plans are being followed and all work is being done in the right way.

Elevation Certificate

Our service can also take care of any assessment work related to an elevation certificate. An elevation certificate is used to determine the lowest point of elevation on your property, which is designed to determine the risk of flooding. This certificate is often necessary if you are looking to purchase flood insurance, as the information that it provides is used to determine the insurance rates that you will pay. This is why an accurate assessment is so important, and why all work needs to be carried out by a professional service such as ours.

It was evident from the very beginning just how professional and experienced they were.” Laura. E

Mortgage Survey

When purchasing a new home, or any residential land, it’s imperative that you do your research and fully assess the condition of the property. This involves more than simply assessing the condition of any structures. Problems can also potentially arise with the property itself, and this is what you also need to assess carefully. Our mortgage survey service can help you do just that. We can ensure that the property boundaries are well defined and that all structures meet local building codes.

Topographic Survey

From insulation to expansion, crawl space repairs require a lot of expertise in getting done right. The excess moisture that finds its way to the crawl space can condense and breed mold, which poses health dangers to many. As if that’s not enough, they can also induce high costs if you’re carrying out the repairs yourself. This is what separates Foundation Repairs on Wilmington. Our crew of specialized structural engineers utilizes only the best equipment and the most efficient techniques in insulating and expanding crawl spaces. The best part is that you can contact us today and get professional advice on the kind of repair your crawl space needs. All of that at a cheap rate too.

Made the whole process of surveying easy, hassle free and seamless.” Johnathan. G

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When having any surveying work done, it’s imperative that you choose a professional and licensed service that can provide accurate results. Otherwise, there’s a number of different problems that could well arise. If it’s a professional surveyor you need, there’s no one better to call than us. We are the property surveyors Raleigh NC that can provide the meticulous and accurate results that you need. You can contact us now by using any of the contact information that’s been provided on our website.